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Battling the Green Invaders: Invasive Trees in Northeast Ohio

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

the Hidden Threat to Our Native Canopy

Before and after photos showing an area with invasive species initially, and the transformed space after Dave's Tree Removal Inc.'s intervention through the Buy-Back Program
Dave's Tree Removal Inc. removes invasive greenery in order for native plants, revitalizing the local ecosystem through the Medina County Buy-Back Program.

When picturing Ohio, one might imagine lush forests, serene parks, and a rich variety of native trees painting a vibrant landscape. However, beneath this natural beauty lies an ongoing battle against invasive tree species. While these invaders might appear harmless or even beautiful, they pose a genuine threat to Northeast Ohio's ecosystem.

Battling the Green Invaders: Invasive Trees in Northeast Ohio

Who are these Green Invaders?

These are just a few of the invasive tree species that are threatening Northeast Ohio's ecosystem:

  • Tree of Heaven: This deceptively named tree, native to China, is far from a celestial blessing. It's a fast grower, often outpacing and overshadowing native species, especially in urban spaces.

  • Buckthorns (Common and Glossy): Imported from Europe, these shrubs might seem like ordinary shrubs, but they can rapidly form impenetrable thickets, leaving no room for local plants.

  • Norway Maple: Its dense canopy and widespread roots often make it a favorite choice for urban planners, but its European roots mean it can inadvertently stifle native plants.

  • Autumn Olive: This Asian native might allure birds with its fruit, but its soil-altering properties can spell doom for local flora.

Bugs that Boost the Problem

Ohio's invasive tree issue isn't solely about the trees. Two invasive beetles, the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorned Beetle, have wreaked havoc on our native tree populations. The ripple effects of their presence are felt not only in the loss of trees but in the associated damage to the local wildlife that depends on these trees.

Why Should We Care?

Beyond the obvious beauty of our native landscapes, maintaining our local ecosystem's integrity has economic, environmental, and health benefits:

  • Biodiversity: Native trees have evolved with their surroundings and play specific roles in their ecosystems. Introducing invasive species disrupts these roles, leading to a loss of biodiversity.

  • Economy: Forestry and related industries can suffer significant losses due to invasive species, either directly from tree loss or indirectly from the costs associated with management and mitigation.

  • Aesthetic and Recreational Value: Ohio's parks, forests, and natural areas provide immense recreational value. Invasive species can diminish the enjoyment of these spaces for residents and tourists alike.

What Can We Do?

  • Stay Informed: Knowledge is power. Recognize invasive species and understand the threats they pose.

  • Plant Wisely: If you're landscaping or gardening, opt for native or non-invasive species. Local nurseries can provide guidance.

  • Report and Remove: If you spot invasive species, report them to local conservation agencies. Depending on the situation, you might be advised to remove them.


The battle against invasive trees in Northeast Ohio is ongoing. But with increased awareness, community involvement, and proactive measures, we can hope to reclaim our landscapes and protect them for future generations. Together, we can ensure that Ohio remains a haven for its native species.

Dave's Tree Removal Inc. team member assisting a customer through the Invasive Plant Buy-Back Program, where invasive plants are exchanged for native species to enhance local biodiversity.
Our Customer through the Invasive Plant Buy-Back Program, we aim to replace invasive plants with native alternatives.

Contact Dave's Tree Removal today to schedule a consultation about removing invasive trees from your property.

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