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Before and after shots of bush removal in Medina, OH: Overgrown bushes blocking garage, entrances, and views transformed into neat, clear spaces.

Shrub and Tree Removal in Medina, OH

Do you have unwanted shrubs or bushes on your property in Medina, OH? Dave's Tree Removal is here to help! We offer a variety of shrub and bush removal services, including complete removal, partial removal, trimming, and pruning.

How Much Does Shrub or Bush Removal Cost?

The average cost to remove shrubs is around $650, with most projects falling between $260 and $640.


Here's what influences the price:

  • Size & Quantity: Larger shrubs or multiple shrubs will naturally cost more.

  • Type: Dense, thorny, or deeply rooted shrubs take longer to remove.

  • Accessibility: Shrubs in tight spaces or on slopes are trickier to work on.

  • Debris Disposal: Do you want the company to haul everything away, or handle it yourself?

To get a free estimate for your shrub and bush removal needs, please contact Dave's Tree Removal today to hire a professional 330-242-7116 in the 44256 area. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a competitive quote.

A tree trimmer expert from Dave's Tree Removal in Medina, Ohio professionally pruning an apple tree.

Shrub and Tree Removal Services Near Me in Medina, OH:

  • Experience and expertise:

 We have years of experience removing shrubs and bushes of all types, from small azaleas to large rhododendrons.

  • Safety: 

We use safe and efficient methods to remove shrubs and bushes, minimizing the risk of damage to your property.

  • Affordability: 

We offer competitive rates for our shrub and bush removal services.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are not happy with our services, we will work with you to make it right.

Medina's Best Bush or Shrub Removal Services

We remove all types of shrubs and bushes, including:

  • Azaleas

  • Barberries

  • Beautyberry

  • Blackhaw viburnum

  • Blueberries

  • Boxwoods

  • Burning bushes

  • Butterfly bushes

  • Clematis

  • Coralberry Cotoneaster

  • Cranberry viburnum

  • Deutzia

  • Forsythia

  • Ninebark

  • Privet

  • Redosier dogwood

  • Rhododendron

  • Rose of Sharon

  • Spirea

  • Weigela

Three bushes in front of a garage scheduled for removal by Dave's Tree Removal, a local Medina Tree Service.

Professional Bush Removal In Medina, OH

Exclusively Serving Medina County:

  • Brunswick

  • Chippewa Lake

  • Hinckley

  • Litchfield

  • Lodi

  • Medina

  • Montville

  • Seville

  • Valley City

  • Wadsworth

  • Westfield Center

Tree care experts using a chipper to chip up debris in Medina, OH.

Get in Touch

30 Circle Dr.

Medina, Ohio 44256


Thank for contacting your local tree care pros!

Tree Services in Medina, OH | Dave's Tree Removal

At Dave's Tree Removal, we offer a wide range of tree services to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers.

Our services include:

We are committed to providing our customers with safe, efficient, and affordable tree services. Our team of experienced arborists is certified and insured, and we use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done right.

If you need tree services in Medina, OH, contact Dave's Tree Removal today for a free estimate.

Benefits of Bush Removal

Improved aesthetics:

Removing overgrown or unsightly bushes and shrubs can improve the appearance of your property.

Increased property value:

A well-maintained property with neatly trimmed bushes and shrubs is more likely to have a higher property value.


Enhanced safety:

Overgrown bushes and shrubs can block views and create hazards. Removing them can improve safety for you, your family, and your pets.


Reduced risk of pests and diseases:

Bushes and shrubs can attract pests and diseases. Removing them can help to protect your other plants and trees.


Increased sunlight exposure:

Bushes and shrubs can block sunlight from reaching your lawn and other plants. Removing them can increase sunlight exposure, which can improve the health of your lawn and other plants.


More space:

Removing bushes and shrubs can create more space for you to enjoy your yard. You can use the space for gardening, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

When to Call a Professional Bush Removal Service

While some bush removal projects can be done by homeowners, it is important to call a professional bush removal service in certain cases. For example, if you are removing large or overgrown bushes, bushes with thorns or poisonous sap, or bushes that are growing near power lines or other structures, it is best to call a professional. Professional bush removal services have the experience and equipment to safely and efficiently remove bushes of all sizes and types.

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