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Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees in Medina

Dave's Tree Removal: Your Property's Best Friend for Dangerous Trees

Overgrown branches? Dangerous trees from storm damage? We're the team Medina trusts for safe, expert tree solutions. This blog is your resource for keeping your trees healthy, your property safe, and maximizing your landscape's value. Learn more about our Tree Removal.

Tree Removal in Medina Ohio.
Several hazard trees safely down! Don't risk damage from a dangerous tree.

Welcome to the Dave's Tree Removal Blog!

Hey Medina! If you've got trees, we've got the tips and solutions to keep them healthy and your property safe. Follow along for tree care advice, amazing before-and-after projects, and maybe a few fun facts about our amazing Medina trees.

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5 Signs Your Medina Tree Could Be in Danger

Sign #1: Dead or Dying Branches

  • Bare branches in the growing season, or branches that snap easily, are obvious red flags. But even smaller dead twigs throughout the tree can signal trouble.

  • Action: Don't ignore it! Dead wood attracts pests and can fall unexpectedly, damaging property. A Medina tree professional can assess the situation.

Sign #2: Mushrooms Galore

  • While some are harmless, many mushrooms mean decaying wood inside the tree. Look at the base of the trunk, along roots, and where branches meet.

  • Action: This isn't always an emergency, but a tree assessment will determine the extent of the decay and if your tree is at risk of falling.

Sign #3: Leaning or Cracks

  • A slight lean can be normal, but a sudden change, or deep cracks in the trunk, are danger signs – especially after a storm in Medina.

  • Action: Don't wait! This is where calling a Medina tree service for an urgent assessment is crucial for your safety.

Sign #4: Strange Spots or Growths

  • Discolored leaves, oozing sap, or unusual growths on the trunk could signal disease or pest infestation.

  • Action: Tree diseases are tricky! Photos can help a tree expert like us at Dave's start to identify the problem and the best solution.

Sign #5: Construction or Changes Nearby

  • New construction, digging, or even major landscaping changes can damage a tree's root system, leading to decline.

  • Action: If you have work planned, consult with a Medina tree care expert beforehand to discuss protecting your trees.

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