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  Medina's Reliable Tree Service and Care Experts

Trees are the pillars of our community's beauty and health. At Dave's Tree Removal Inc., we're passionate about nurturing them. We're not just a tree service; we're your trusted partner in preserving and enhancing Medina's landscapes.

From delicate trimming to swift storm response, our certified arborists have the expertise and equipment to handle any tree-related challenge

Medina, Ohio tree climber from Dave's Tree Removal expertly ascends a large oak tree.

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    Receive a free, no-commitment quote from Medina's top tree care experts. Our dedicated specialists provide clear pricing and unparalleled services tailored to your unique tree needs. Secure your no-obligation assessment today!

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  • Medina Tree Removal: Why Locals Trust Daves Tree Removal

    Making Medina Yards Amazing With Our Tree Services Medina, we love our trees! But when they need to go – whether due to storms, disease, or just outgrowing their space – you need reliable Medina tree removal. That's where Dave's Tree Removal Inc. comes in. What Sets Us Apart We're Medina Locals: We are more than a tree service we are your neighbor's! Our Tree experts know the trees in this area, the challenges specific to Northeast Ohio weather, and the value you place on your property. Safety First: Tree work can be extremely dangerous. Our team is fully trained, insured, and puts safety at the core of every tree job. Respect for Your Property: We work carefully to minimize the impact on your landscaping and leave your yard looking tidy. We treat your property as if it were our own! More Than Just Removal: We offer a wide range of services, including land clearing and expert tree trimming, to help you achieve your outdoor goals. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our work. You don't pay until you're happy! Honoring Our Community: We're proud to offer discounts to seniors, veterans, first responders, and teachers as our way of saying thank you. "I recently had the pleasure of hiring Dave's Tree Service for a tree removal project on my property, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their exceptional service. From the initial consultation to the completion of the job, Dave's Tree Service exceeded my expectations in every way..." - Jeff Dubitsky Medina Tree Removal and More! Professional Tree Removal: From safe and efficient removal to stump grinding, we handle all your tree removal needs. Tree Trimming: Expert pruning keeps trees healthy, beautiful, and less likely to cause damage in storms. Land Clearing: Ready to transform your property? We can handle land clearing projects of all sizes. Emergency Storm Cleanup: We're here when the weather gets bad, restoring safety to your property. Stump Grinding and Removal: Get rid of those unsightly stumps and create space for new possibilities. Bush or Shrub Removal: Whether it's overgrown bushes or problem shrubs, we'll clear them out. Why Choose Dave's Tree Removal Inc.? Free Estimates: No-pressure consultations where we assess your trees and discuss the best options. Competitive Pricing: Our goal is to offer excellent value, with the lowest pricing possible. (You don't want the cheapest guy.) Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We're not finished until you're completely satisfied with the results. We do not accept payment until you are satisfied. Community Commitment: We value the people who make Medina great, reflected in our discounts for seniors, veterans, first responders, health care workers and teachers. Ready for professional Medina tree removal? Contact Dave's Tree Removal Inc. today for your free estimate! Visit us at or call 330-242-7116.

  • 4 Signs of Storm-Damaged Trees: A Guide for Medina, Ohio Home Owners

    After a severe storm rolls through Medina, Ohio, it's crucial to assess your trees for potential damage.  Hidden hazards can lead to unexpected tree failure, causing harm to people and property. Learn the tell-tale signs of storm-damaged trees and when to call the experts at Dave's Tree Removal Inc. for Emergency Tree Services. Signs of Storm Damage in Trees Broken or Hanging Branches: A clear indication of storm damage, these branches pose a serious fall risk. Split Trunks: Deep cracks in the trunk signify structural weakness and a high chance of the tree collapsing. Leaning Trees: If a tree is newly leaning or the lean becomes more pronounced, its root system might be compromised. Uprooted Ground: Exposed roots or raised soil around the tree's base indicate instability. Trees Prone to Storm Damage in Medina Bradford Pear: This popular but structurally weak tree is notorious for splitting during storms. Older Trees: Mature trees, while beautiful, can have hidden decay, making them more susceptible to breakage in high winds. Shallow-Rooted Species: Trees like maples and willows are more likely to get toppled in heavy storms. When to Call a Professional Tree Service in Medina County Safety First: If the damaged tree poses a threat to your home, vehicles, or power lines, don't attempt DIY solutions. Call a trained arborist immediately. Significant Damage: Large broken limbs, major splits, or severe leaning often require professional assessment and specialized equipment for safe removal. Peace of Mind: If you're unsure of a tree's stability, our Medina Tree Service can provide expert evaluation and offer the right course of action. Don't put yourself or your home at risk from storm-damaged trees. Contact Dave's Tree Removal Inc. for your free storm damage assessment in Medina, Ohio. 330-242-7116 Contact Us

  • Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees in Medina

    Dave's Tree Removal: Your Property's Best Friend for Dangerous Trees Overgrown branches? Dangerous trees from storm damage? We're the team Medina trusts for safe, expert tree solutions. This blog is your resource for keeping your trees healthy, your property safe, and maximizing your landscape's value. Learn more about our Tree Removal. Welcome to the Dave's Tree Removal Blog! Hey Medina! If you've got trees, we've got the tips and solutions to keep them healthy and your property safe. Follow along for tree care advice, amazing before-and-after projects, and maybe a few fun facts about our amazing Medina trees. Want to stay in the loop? Hit that subscribe button! You'll get our newest posts on Medina tree care delivered right to your inbox. for behind-the-scenes photos, videos, quick tips, and maybe even a few special offers for our Medina customers follow us on youtube and facebook! 5 Signs Your Medina Tree Could Be in Danger Sign #1: Dead or Dying Branches Bare branches in the growing season, or branches that snap easily, are obvious red flags. But even smaller dead twigs throughout the tree can signal trouble. Action: Don't ignore it! Dead wood attracts pests and can fall unexpectedly, damaging property. A Medina tree professional can assess the situation. Sign #2: Mushrooms Galore While some are harmless, many mushrooms mean decaying wood inside the tree. Look at the base of the trunk, along roots, and where branches meet. Action: This isn't always an emergency, but a tree assessment will determine the extent of the decay and if your tree is at risk of falling. Sign #3: Leaning or Cracks A slight lean can be normal, but a sudden change, or deep cracks in the trunk, are danger signs – especially after a storm in Medina. Action: Don't wait! This is where calling a Medina tree service for an urgent assessment is crucial for your safety. Sign #4: Strange Spots or Growths Discolored leaves, oozing sap, or unusual growths on the trunk could signal disease or pest infestation. Action: Tree diseases are tricky! Photos can help a tree expert like us at Dave's start to identify the problem and the best solution. Sign #5: Construction or Changes Nearby New construction, digging, or even major landscaping changes can damage a tree's root system, leading to decline. Action: If you have work planned, consult with a Medina tree care expert beforehand to discuss protecting your trees.

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  • Tree Service Company in Medina, OH | Daves Tree Removal Inc.

    Tree Removal, Trimming, & More in Medina County, OH Welcome to Dave's Tree Removal Inc. At Dave's Tree Removal Inc., we're the top choice for tree services in Medina, OH. With two consecutive years as the "Neighborhood Favorite," our expertise shines in every aspect of tree care. Dave's Tree Removal: Medina's Trusted Tree Service Solution Our Tree Work Videos family-owned and operated Tree Service business specializing in: Tree removal Tree pruning Stump removal storm damage cleanup Bush removal Land clearing Tree chipping Brush Removal storm damage cleanup Our expert arborists in Medina, OH, blend traditional expertise with modern techniques. We're a licensed and insured tree service, ensuring top-quality results every time. Medina Tree Removal & Services | Commercial & Residential Tree Care Tree Removal : Safe, expert removal of trees of any size in Medina County. Tree Trimming: Enhance your trees' health & beauty with professional trimming. Stump Grinding: Reclaim your yard with efficient Medina stump removal. Storm Damage Repair: Fast storm cleanup to restore your property's safety. Land Clearing: Get your Medina land ready for projects with our clearing services. Tree Chipping: We take care of the mess with hassle-free tree chipping. 24/7 Emergency Tree Service: Medina's trusted choice for urgent tree emergencies. Free Estimates: Get a clear quote on your Medina tree care project. Why Choose Us: We're not just tree cutters, we're tree care specialists. Our Medina team delivers quality work, a safe job site, and spotless cleanup. Get your free estimate today! Medina's Best Tree Removal Company More About Tree Removal Tree Trimming in Medina More About Tree Trimming Land Clearing for New Constructions More About Land Clearing Emergency Tree Removal in Medina More About Emergency Services Bush Removal in Medina, OH More About Bush & Shrubs Stump Grinding in Medina, OH More About Stump Grinding Medina's Tree Care Experts | Residential Tree Services Our Medina, Ohio tree experts customize care for your Oak, Maple, Pine, and more. Keep your property safe and beautiful with our expert services! Contact us for a free estimate! Contact Us Medina Tree Removal Pros | Safe & Efficient Service We're deeply rooted in Medina's community, supporting local initiatives for a sustainable environment. Trust us for reliable tree removal in Medina County. About Us Tree Services in Medina OH | Dave's Tree Removal Serving Medina, Chippewa Lake, Brunswick, Seville, Wadsworth, and neighboring areas. Get your property ready for anything with our full range of tree services. Join us in our tree care journey; book today! ​ News Medina Tree Removal: Why Locals Trust Daves Tree Removal 4 Signs of Storm-Damaged Trees: A Guide for Medina, Ohio Home Owners Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees in Medina Customer Reviews: See What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say Ron Heinz, Medina OH Dave, Briana and the entire team were fantastic. The quote was accurate to the work done and the work was done perfectly. Zero impact to the rest of the yard, everything cleaned swept and left perfect. Daves knowledge of trees and tips for some of our other trees were outstanding. Highly recommend! Amber Morrison, Medina OH Dave was so easy to work with and went above and beyond for us today! He even worked in the rain! He was able to get the job done quickly at a very fair price. Highly recommend! Kathy Anthony, Medina OH Dave and Briana did a great job cutting up my neighbors huge fallen tree in my yard. Left it all neatly stacked. I highly recommend them. Dave’s Tree Removal Service!! Get in Touch with Our Tree Service Experts Tree Removal | Trimming | Land Clearing | Stump Grinding | Emergency Services Your First Name Your Last Name Your Email Phone Number Your Address Your Tree Service Needs Where did you hear about us? Where did you hear about us? Submit Thanks for contacting Dave's Tree Removal! Tel: 330-242-7116 Tree Service for Oak, Maple, and Pine Tree Removal in Medina, Ohio For top-notch tree care in Medina, OH, trust Dave's Tree Removal Inc. We specialize in oak, maple, and pine trees, offering services like tree removal, precise trimming, stump grinding, storm damage cleanup, land clearing, and tree chipping. Our certified arborists use the latest techniques and equipment for your satisfaction and safety. Contact us for a free estimate and give your trees the care they deserve! 330-242-7116 Book Now

  • Professional Tree Trimmer Medina, OH | Daves Tree Removal

    Expert Tree Trimming in Medina, OH | Dave's Tree Removal Inc. Fast & Reliable Tree Trimming Services in Medina, OH | Call Now! Boost your property's health, safety, and beauty with professional tree trimming in Medina, OH. Dave's Tree Removal Inc. delivers expert care, specializing in tree pruning, thinning, and more. Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Medina, Ohio Understanding the nuances of tree trimming – a pivotal aspect of tree care – is both an art and a science. It involves judicious removal of specific branches to bolster the tree's health, aesthetics, or safety. Benefits of Tree Trimming: Thinning: Improve airflow and sunlight penetration. Crown Reduction: Control a tree's size and growth. Pruning: Target specific branches for better shape or health. Best Time to Trim: The dormant phase (late winter or early spring) is ideal for most trimming, as the tree isn't actively growing. Stay Alert: Be aware of risks during trimming, such as falling branches or nearby power lines. Post-Trim Care: Provide ample water and fertilizer. Monitor your tree for any signs of distress. Ready to transform your trees? Contact Dave's Tree Removal Inc. today for your free Medina, OH tree trimming quote! Book Now Services Medina Ohio Tree Trimmer Call Now! Contact Us Today Professional Tree Services for Healthier, Safer Trees Tree Trimming Benefits: Thinning: Promotes airflow, sunlight reach, and overall tree health. Crown Reduction: Minimizes storm damage risk, improves views. Pruning: Shapes trees for beauty and removes unhealthy branches. Stump Grinding Benefits: Reclaim Your Yard: Remove unsightly stumps, prevent regrowth. Why Healthy Trees Matter: Boost Property Value: Well-maintained trees add curb appeal. Cleaner Air & Environment: Trees naturally filter pollutants. Noise Reduction: Dense trees can create a peaceful buffer. Wildlife Habitat: Provide homes for birds and other creatures. Cooling Shade: Lower energy bills in the summer. Tree Work Gallery Affordable Tree Trimming in Medina, Ohio | Get Your Free Quote Tree trimming costs in Ohio can vary depending on factors like tree size, complexity, and location. At Dave's Tree Removal, we offer competitive pricing and transparent estimates. Don't settle for guesswork – get a personalized quote for tree pruning services in Medina, Ohio, today! Call Now For Tree Pruning Near Me in Medina Ohio! Contact Us Your Guide to Expert Tree Care | Insights from the Pros at Dave's Medina Tree Removal: Why Locals Trust Daves Tree Removal Briana Oberacker Feb 28 2 min 4 Signs of Storm-Damaged Trees: A Guide for Medina, Ohio Home Owners Briana Oberacker Feb 22 2 min Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees in Medina Briana Oberacker Feb 22 2 min Tree Care Tips Tree Trimming Tree Removal See Why Medina Chooses Dave's Tree Removal | Client Testimonials Tim Green Excellent job done by Dave. He removed a 150+ year old Elm tree from my back yard behind a garage. The shear size of this tree required him to climb out of the bucket to get at the back limbs. Dave will be the only person I recommend. He even took the time to stack the wood since I opted to keep the wood for my wood burning fireplace. Jason Brown Dave and his crew did exactly what he said they'd do! They did an amazing job with our trees. And to top it off, they were professional and very competitive on price. If you need some tree work done, contact Dave and Dave's Tree Removal. You won't regret it! Ron Hienz Dave, Briana and the entire team were fantastic. The quote was accurate to the work done and the work was done perfectly. Zero impact to the rest of the yard, everything cleaned swept and left perfect. Daves knowledge of trees and tips for some of our other trees were outstanding. Highly recommend! Tina George We are very pleased with the work they did!! They are very friendly and courteous. They were able to fit us in and did a great job with the cleanup. We would definitely recommend them and will be using them in the future. Thank you Dave!

  • Shrub & Bush Removal near me Medina, OH | Daves Tree Removal

    Shrub and Tree Removal in Medina, OH Do you have unwanted shrubs or bushes on your property in Medina, OH? Dave's Tree Removal is here to help! We offer a variety of shrub and bush removal services, including complete removal, partial removal, trimming, and pruning. Learn More How Much Does Shrub or Bush Removal Cost? The average cost to remove shrubs is around $650, with most projects falling between $260 and $640 . Here's what influences the price: ​ ​ Size & Quantity: Larger shrubs or multiple shrubs will naturally cost more. Type: Dense, thorny, or deeply rooted shrubs take longer to remove. Accessibility: Shrubs in tight spaces or on slopes are trickier to work on. Debris Disposal: Do you want the company to haul everything away, or handle it yourself? To get a free estimate for your shrub and bush removal needs, please contact Dave's Tree Removal today to hire a professional 330-242-7116 in the 44256 area. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a competitive quote. More FAQ Shrub and Tree Removal Services Near Me in Medina, OH: Get Quote Experience and expertise: We have years of experience removing shrubs and bushes of all types, from small azaleas to large rhododendrons. Safety: We use safe and efficient methods to remove shrubs and bushes, minimizing the risk of damage to your property. Affordability: We offer competitive rates for our shrub and bush removal services. Satisfaction guarantee: We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are not happy with our services, we will work with you to make it right. Medina's Best Bush or Shrub Removal Services We remove all types of shrubs and bushes, including: Azaleas Barberries Beautyberry Blackhaw viburnum Blueberries Boxwoods Burning bushes Butterfly bushes Clematis Coralberry Cotoneaster Cranberry viburnum Deutzia Forsythia Ninebark Privet Redosier dogwood Rhododendron Rose of Sharon Spirea Weigela More Services Professional Bush Removal In Medina, OH Exclusively Serving Medina County: Brunswick Chippewa Lake Hinckley Litchfield Lodi Medina Montville Seville Valley City Wadsworth Westfield Center ​ Learn More Get in Touch 30 Circle Dr. Medina, Ohio 44256 330-242-7116 🔗 Connect: Facebook | Nextdoor | Google |​ LinkedIn Your First Name Your Last Name Your Email Your Tree Service Needs Send Thank for contacting your local tree care pros! Tree Services in Medina, OH | Dave's Tree Removal At Dave's Tree Removal, we offer a wide range of tree services to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers. Our services include: Tree removal Tree trimming Land clearing Stump grinding Brush removal Emergency Tree Services We are committed to providing our customers with safe, efficient, and affordable tree services. Our team of experienced arborists is certified and insured, and we use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done right. If you need tree services in Medina, OH, contact Dave's Tree Removal today for a free estimate . Benefits of Bush Removal Improved aesthetics: Removing overgrown or unsightly bushes and shrubs can improve the appearance of your property. ​ ​ Increased property value: A well-maintained property with neatly trimmed bushes and shrubs is more likely to have a higher property value. Enhanced safety: Overgrown bushes and shrubs can block views and create hazards. Removing them can improve safety for you, your family, and your pets. Reduced risk of pests and diseases: Bushes and shrubs can attract pests and diseases. Removing them can help to protect your other plants and trees. Increased sunlight exposure: Bushes and shrubs can block sunlight from reaching your lawn and other plants. Removing them can increase sunlight exposure, which can improve the health of your lawn and other plants. More space: Removing bushes and shrubs can create more space for you to enjoy your yard. You can use the space for gardening, entertaining, or simply relaxing. ​ When to Call a Professional Bush Removal Service While some bush removal projects can be done by homeowners, it is important to call a professional bush removal service in certain cases. For example, if you are removing large or overgrown bushes, bushes with thorns or poisonous sap, or bushes that are growing near power lines or other structures, it is best to call a professional. Professional bush removal services have the experience and equipment to safely and efficiently remove bushes of all sizes and types. Bush Removal & Tree Care Tips for Medina County Medina Tree Removal: Why Locals Trust Daves Tree Removal 4 Signs of Storm-Damaged Trees: A Guide for Medina, Ohio Home Owners Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees in Medina Tree Care Tips

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Reputable Tree Services in Medina, Ohio

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Each tree has its own story and character. Through our expert trimming and pruning, we nurture this narrative, blending aesthetics with optimal health.


Emergency Tree Services and Storm Clean-up

Nature can sometimes surprise us. That's why we're available round the clock, ensuring Medina's landscapes recover swiftly from unexpected events.


Stump Grinding

We transform unsightly and hazardous stumps into smooth ground, enhancing both the beauty and safety of your property.


Tree Chipping

Turn your tree debris into eco-friendly mulch or compost. Perfect for gardens, pathways, and reducing waste.

Shrub and Bush Removal
From taming wild shrubs to redesigning landscapes, our comprehensive services cater to all facets of your green space.

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Seeking to elevate your landscape? Contact Dave's Tree Removal Inc. for a free consultation. With local expertise and a reputation for excellence, we're Medina's first choice in tree care.

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Dave's Tree Removal Inc. in Medina, Ohio, using a tree chipping machine for efficient tree debris clean-up.

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We're not just a tree service company; we're part of the Medina community. Our certified arborists bring a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. From free estimates to quality service, Dave's Tree Removal Inc. is the epitome of professionalism. Our services are not only efficient but also affordable, ensuring every resident of Medina can enjoy top-notch tree care.

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