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4 Signs of Storm-Damaged Trees: A Guide for Medina, Ohio Home Owners

After a severe storm rolls through Medina, Ohio, it's crucial to assess your trees for potential damage.  Hidden hazards can lead to unexpected tree failure, causing harm to people and property. Learn the tell-tale signs of storm-damaged trees and when to call the experts at Dave's Tree Removal Inc. for Emergency Tree Services.

Dave's Tree Removal carefully removing a large dead tree struck by lightning suffering from storm damage.
Lightning strike? Fallen branches? Don't risk it - let Dave's Tree Removal handle those hazardous trees.

Signs of Storm Damage in Trees

Broken or Hanging Branches:

A clear indication of storm damage, these branches pose a serious fall risk.

Split Trunks:

  • Deep cracks in the trunk signify structural weakness and a high chance of the tree collapsing.

Leaning Trees:

  • If a tree is newly leaning or the lean becomes more pronounced, its root system might be compromised.

Uprooted Ground:

  • Exposed roots or raised soil around the tree's base indicate instability.


Trees Prone to Storm Damage in Medina

Bradford Pear:

  • This popular but structurally weak tree is notorious for splitting during storms.

Older Trees:

  • Mature trees, while beautiful, can have hidden decay, making them more susceptible to breakage in high winds.

Shallow-Rooted Species:

  • Trees like maples and willows are more likely to get toppled in heavy storms.

When to Call a Professional Tree Service in Medina County

Safety First:

  • If the damaged tree poses a threat to your home, vehicles, or power lines, don't attempt DIY solutions. Call a trained arborist immediately.

Significant Damage:

  • Large broken limbs, major splits, or severe leaning often require professional assessment and specialized equipment for safe removal.

Peace of Mind:

  • If you're unsure of a tree's stability, our Medina Tree Service can provide expert evaluation and offer the right course of action.

Don't put yourself or your home at risk from storm-damaged trees. Contact Dave's Tree Removal Inc. for your free storm damage assessment in Medina, Ohio. 330-242-7116 Contact Us

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